this world that we live in moves so fast
staying sane is hard to do and it’s difficult to last
can’t move to the future without remembering the past
and if you don’t conform to society you stand out like a jackass?

some say it’s silly- why go against the majority?
because in this day in time who really wants to be the minority?
did you really want to hang with the bruhs or strut with your sorority?
or did your friends make a decision and you went with <i>that</i> majority?

making your own decision will someday get you paid
if you continue to follow behind others then you’ll end up getting laid
then your stomach gets big, crying and pampers start in 270 days
you could’ve walked your own path but you were too afraid.

november of 2000 he stepped into the house white
and shortly after that he sent your brother to iraq to fight
friend persuaded you to vote for him but you sensed something wasn’t right
hurricane wiped out your city and you starved for five days and four nights.

moving on to the future you’re wondering why you went along
with other people’s decisions because some of those were wrong.
to stand up for yourself, you really don’t have to be that strong
but think before you conform because you don’t want to sing this same song.

peace and love

~ by ggardner on July 25, 2007.

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